Free to be yourself and appreciate the beauty of a present moment that feeds the soul. Without pretensions, without judgments, just enjoying the love of the good and  share it.

This is authentic Mediterranean culture and this is the new Dragon Girl Collection.

The good life that feeds the skin, the palate and the soul is the inspiration for a collection that takes us to a hidden cove of this Mare Nostrum.

As if it were the setting of a Sorrentino film, the new capsule is created to discover the pleasures of this authentic and relaxed lifestyle, but surrounded by Great Beauty.

"A Dragon Girl always knows how to turn any day into a very special one"

A hidden cove… and nothing more
The sound of water… and nothing more
A stimulating conversation… and nothing more
A book and a hammock… and nothing more
A basket of fruits on a rock… and nothing else
A good wine… and nothing more
A swim at sunset… and nothing more
A real kiss... and nothing more

Looks that you can play with and combine with different accessories for any day or to become the most stylish guest at upcoming weddings.

Dresses that become the cornerstone pieces of a wardrobe with personality, versatile and cool.

In Cala Escondida, the blues of its jacquards represent the close dialogue with the sea. The lavender scent sneaks into dresses and tops. The strength of the flowers that grow among the rocks is reflected in an exciting red and fabrics printed in vibrant fuchsias. The yellow of the morning rays of the sun flood embroidered dresses that will be iconic.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, the Mediterranean, is also a successful option for many couples to celebrate their weddings. This place is full of charm thanks to the distinctive characteristics of each coast, the charm of the islands, good food and spectacular warm weather. Therefore, Cala Escondida could not be more ideal in case you have any event in the Mediterranean.

In all the special nights enjoyed in this idyllic area there have always been certain similar points in terms of fashion: light fabrics, the impact of life by the sea and more subtle accessories are some of these factors.

In recent years, the style that we associate as Mediterranean has been renewed, simultaneously as is the case with the bridal world, so the options for guests and brides have increased.

The secret to giving a different touch to the look? The traditional accessories of the area, the hat is one of the most iconic, even for the bride! Another tip to take your style to the Mediterranean is the use of light materials that transmit a clear Italian influence and give a boho-chic style to the whole.


Cala Escondida's bestsellers


Below we show you looks with the best-selling pieces from the Cala Escondida capsule collection, ideal for your most special moments with a Mediterranean feel.


Jane Red Dress

If you are looking for party dresses with a V-neckline, the Jane Rojo dress with a bow at the neck is your best option. Its versatility will allow you to wear it at your most special events, or on unique nights. Its intense red color represents love, emotion, passion and power. A dress that is impossible to go unnoticed. The ideal accessories? The Rax begging bag by mimoki, the Tallo Lis earrings to provide a complement  surprising, fresh and very flattering and the final touch is the Lily hat made with natural straw and with the black bow detail.


Hawaii Set

A skirt with floral patterns is a very successful option for outdoor summer weddings. The Delya skirt with the central gathering stylizes the figure and its color will highlight the tan of the skin. As a top garment, the Leyre Hawaii top, with shoulder pads, sleeveless and a Perkins collar, will look like a single-piece look even if it is a two-piece set. The accessories in gold, such as the golden GoldenSea earrings and the Criss hat , made of wide-brimmed straw embroidered with black stars and black bow for a daytime event. An ideal bag for this look is the volti buckle maxi bag , a natural tinalak basket type with a black leather zipper and handle and a large gold buckle. The neutral colors of the accessories will make the summery Hawaiian floral print stand out and not go unnoticed.


Mauve Set

For day and night dates, blending with the color palette of the Mediterranean coastal towns, it will provide comfort and elegance. Composed of the Sassu top with a trapeze neckline and puffed sleeves and the Mel pants with an elastic waist and side pockets. For a daytime but elegant outfit, the Sobre Ter bag is made of rustic tinalak raffia with fringes around jute and esparto grass wedges. If you are thinking of wearing it for evening events, we recommend the origami Sky bag , along with some sandals in the same tone of blue as this one, such as the Off-White Lollipop, giving greater prominence to the blue and making it look like an outfit. darker for the night.


Top Leyre Vichy

The Leyre Vichy shirt with shoulder pads, sleeveless  and perkins collar that has swept this collection, its texture and elegant cut is what makes it the best ally for your looks and the dragon girls know it, such has been its success that a long-sleeved version has been launched: the Laure shirt, perfect for this fall winter. One of the attributes that most characterizes the Dragon Girl Collection garments is their versatility, and without a doubt this garment is the most representative of it. If you plan to wear it in your daily life, you can combine it with the juana limb skirt and the cloe camel bag .


Our capsule collection has been ethically designed and manufactured in Spain in limited editions.
A Dragon Girl always walks with her heart's eyes wide open, her feet on the ground and her head in the clouds.

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